About Us

Elected Officers (2017-2019)

Jeannette Mobley, Chairperson

Bernita Carmichael, 1st Vice Chair

Tim Thomas, 2nd Vice Chair

Pearline Danner, 3rd Vice Chair

Enid Doggett, Communications and Publicity Chair

Chanell Autrey, Recording Secretary

Debra Truhart, Correspondence Secretary

William “Bill” Lewis, Treasurer

Grace Lewis, Financial Secretary

Robert Brannum, Assistant Recording Secretary

Shirley Rivens Smith, Parliamentarian

Standing Committees (2016-2017)

Budget and Finance Committee: Herman “Rip” Preston
Ways and Means Fundraiser Committee: Pearline Danner
Membership Committee Co-Chairs: Linda Jefferson & Sydelle Moore
Voter Registration & Education-Chair: Gordon-Andrew Fletcher
Chaplain: angela rose corley
Historian: Romaine Thomas
Constitution and By-Laws Committee: Herman “Rip” Preston

Contributions will benefit activities to promote Democratic Party

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