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Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, monthly meetings are the 4th Monday of every month (except May, July, August and December) at 6:30 PM

The meetings take place at the University of the District of Columbia – 5171 South Dakota Avenue NE, Washington DC – Backus Campus. Room number posted on site.

Officers 2019-2021

 Gordon-Andrew Fletcher, Chairperson

Khadijah Williams, 1st Vice Chair

Jatarious Frazier, 2nd Vice Chair

Emily Lucio, Recording Secretary

Hazel Thomas, Correspondence Secretary

Juan Torres, Treasurer

Anthony Roberson, Financial Secretary

Parliamentarian (Vacant)


Standing Committees (2019-2021)

Communications/Publicity Committee: Loren Coleman (Chair)
Membership/Social Committee: Ruth Pagani (Chair)
Voter Registration & Education Committee: Jennifer Blemur (Chair)
Education Comitttee: Joyanna Smith, Khadijah Williams (Co-Chairs)
Seniors/Elders Committee: Bob King, Courtney Williams & Hattie Pierce (Co-Chairs)
Past Chair Committee: Timothy Thomas (Chair)
Awards Committee: Adrian Jordan & Anthony Hood (Co-Chairs)
Criminal Justice Committee: Emily Tatro (Chair)
Statehood Committee: Caroline Petti (Chair)

Contributions will benefit activities to promote Democratic Party

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